*Please note there is a minimum charge of 20 per booking or transaction.

Ordinary pitch:

For example a 6 man tent or smaller with one car parked close to tent.

 Up to 4 people included.

 20 per night

Large pitches

Please contact us with details for a price.

* Please note that pitch size is determined by how much space your pitch makes unavailable to other campers. While we will not be pedantic about pitch size, we will charge extra when someone tries to claim excessive space by strategically pitching or placing cars and/or windbreaks in a way that denies space to other campers.

Additional persons are 3 per night extra (per person)

Additional cars are 3 per night extra (per car)

Gazebos and other additional structures that no one is sleeping in.

(Very small structures not greatly increasing pitch size may be free, but check first)

5 per night


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